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Licensing & Commercial FAQs

ArcticDB is licensed under the Business Source License 1.1 (BSL), reverting to an Apache 2.0 License after a two-year term.

Is ArcticDB free to use?

All versions of ArcticDB are free to use for non-production usage - except if being used to provide an offering that allows third parties (other than your employees and contractors) to operate a database.

Under the BSL, ArcticDB cannot be used for production usage. For more information on what constitutes production usage, please see the MariaDB BSL FAQ.

Once a version of ArcticDB has converted to the Apache 2.0 license, it may be used for production usage without acquiring an additional license.

License conversion timeline

This is stored in the of the project.

Production usage of a BSL-licensed version

To use ArcticDB for production use, please contact us to purchase an ArcticDB Pro license.

Can I contribute to ArcticDB?

Yes! Contributions are welcome - please see our GitHub readme for more information.

Is ArcticDB part of Man Group?

Yes - ArcticDB is provided by Man Group.